Get Help With Your Playing

Weekly Newsletter #70

December 9, 2022


I thought I’d change things up a bit this week. 

Instead of sending out another article, I decided I’d like to hear from all of you awesome subscribers. 

I want to know which aspects of guitar are most challenging for you. 

I’ll be doing a Q&A video in the next couple of weeks where I select and answer, in detail, questions from you guys! 

So here’s what I’d like you to do… 

Send me the most important question you have regarding playing guitar. 

That can be technique, theory, improvisation, songwriting…anything! 

This is your chance to get past that hurdle that’s been holding you back. 

[Send all questions here] 

I’m going to select as many as I can and create a video where I answer the questions directly. 

I’ll include TABS (if needed) and detailed answers using examples on the guitar, techniques, finger motions, or strategies for improvement. 

Whatever you need help with, personally, I’d like to be of assistance. 

I’d like to get to as many of your questions as possible, and cover as many different topics as I can so everybody can learn from each other. 

Include the subject “Q&A” at the beginning of the message so I can sort through them. 

Send Me A Video! 

If you’re having trouble with a specific technique, or playing something it would be great if you could send me a video of what’s going wrong (please include written permission for me to use your video during the Q&A so others can benefit too). 

I’m really excited to hear from all of you who have helped make this newsletter so successful. 

Thank you for your passion for learning and your dedication to the instrument. 

You guys help keep me motivated to continue creating lessons, articles and content for players who want to improve. 

Send in your questions and I’ll keep you posted on the video release date. 

Thanks and keep moving forward! 

-Max Rich